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If you’d like to quickly double your sales using nothing but simple, ugly, plain-text emails, then this book written by a guy will show you how.

Introducing the “Email Copywriting Codex.”

This book contains “everything” you need to know to write email copy that sells. It shows you the principles, strategies, and techniques that you can use to generate the maximum revenue from your email list by writing emails that people love to open, read, and buy from. It also includes lots of sample emails you can model, psychoanalysis of my top performing email copy, and even a brief case study of how I helped one of my clients generate $100,000 in less than 30 days using emails.

Like I said, “everything” you need to know to write email copy that sells. ;-)

But here’s the thing:

It’s kinda expensive -- with no guarantees or refunds. It’s quite the “short” book, too -- more than 130+ pages or so.

It’s low on fluff and heavy on implementation. And it’s designed that way. Because my goal for you is to open the book, read it in one or two sittings, and immediately apply what you’ve learned the same day you read it.

Sounds good?

If yes, then here are some of the awesome info you’ll find inside:

The #1 WORST mistake you can make when writing email copy. (Even if you do everything else "right", this one flaw in your email will leave a “bad taste” in the mouth of your readers making them delete your emails on sight. Page 23)

How often should you actually send emails to your list? (Hear the super-intense answer, straight from the mouth of the world leading expert in email copywriting. Page 25)

A weird copywriting technique demonstrated by a woman who gave birth “without” getting pregnant. (This unique strategy is so powerful it can “rattle” the brain of your readers forcing them to read your email. Page 41)

Why I like saying “LOLOLOL” in my emails and why you should, too. (Use the principle behind this tactic so you can ‘disarm’ even the most hostile subscribers in your list and make them at least listen to you. Page 24)

Why telling your subscribers to LEAVE your list is one of the best ways to build loyal readership. (Of course, there’s a "correct" way to do it. But it's one of the best trust-builders if you can pull it off! Page 72)

Exactly where to position your emails in the sales journey process. (Dump your emails in these "two places" and you can make your customers buy from you over and over and over… and over again -- almost at will. Pages 15-16)

My “eyebrow-raising” advice about writing your very first Welcome Email. (It's quite scary to do but it will help you instantly separate the warm, engaged, and ready-to-do-business prospects from the “garbage” subscribers. Page 74)

The honest, no B.S. truth about email marketing tactics and strategies. (Based on the teaching of one of the most influential people in the 90s and whose books are read by more than 30 million people around the world. Page 21)

A “deadly” email copywriting secret that literally suffocated a man to death while hanging upside down. (And how you can use it in your emails to quickly boost your Open Rates. Page 38)

What is my E.E.P. Philosophy and how you can apply it when writing your emails to jack up sales and response. 

Let’s take a second to “unpack” the idea behind this concept.

You see, a lot of business owners mostly rely on two simple email copywriting strategies: (1) Selling -- which involves promoting and pitching their offers; and (2) Teaching -- which is focused on giving hard “how-to” information in an attempt to add value.

Nothing wrong with that.

But in my opinion, it’s weak and it limits the flexibility of what they can accomplish with a more robust email marketing strategy.

Enter my E.E.P. Philosophy!

If you follow my instructions on pages 44 to 48, you’ll learn the secret of “seamlessly” merging promotion with content so you can always keep your readers on their toes -- anxiously waiting to hear (and even buy) from you. Frankly, this is one of the cornerstones of high-converting email copy.

And mastering this principle will give you...

More Satisfied And Happier Subscribers
And Even More Money In Your Bank!
All in all, a much healthier business!

Anyway, here are more “juicy” information you will learn inside the book:

2 simple “tweaks” I’ve done in my client’s email marketing strategy that brought us $100,000 sales in less than 30 days. (These two adjustments are so stupidly simple, you can try it right away in the next 5 minutes. Page 31-33)

A sneaky way to write emails that can create rabid customers by willfully "annoying" them. (WARNING: This is so crazy effective, you’ll literally have people “banging” on your door begging you to sell to them. Pages 88-91)

A simple question you must ALWAYS ask yourself before sending an email out. (Asking this question -- directly from the man dubbed as the "Father of Online Marketing" -- totally changed my email game. Page 27)

How to use the "Dear Abbie" email copywriting method to covertly disable the “Marketing Bullcrap Radar” of your readers. (Chances are you’re ALREADY a huge fan of this strategy, you’re not just aware of it. Page 55)

The correct way to use emails to recover 80% of your potential “lost” revenue. (This might surprise you, but this "old n' rusty" tip from one of the leading sales organizations in the 1950s is still in full effect today! Page 18)

How using a crude opt-in form can dramatically reduce the risk of failure for your Product Launch Campaign. (Also the real reason why most product launch attempts fail. Page 86-88)

The nitty-gritty step-by-step process of building an “Abandoned Cart Sequence.” (Follow each step carefully to boost your revenue by recovering 63% of lost sales. Pages 98-101)

How to use the creepiest superhero’s “ONE RULE” that can instantly double the power of your emails. (Do this and every email you send will have more conviction, pack more punch, and result in more money. Pages 20-21)

Easily the most “fragile” email sequence that can make or break you in the eyes of your prospects. (Depending on how you do it, you’ll have loyal subscribers for life or people packing their bags and leaving your list. Pages 72-73)

A nerve-wracking tactic (used by two notorious world leaders) to “force” people to tune in and listen to what they have to say. (Use this "last stop" option in writing your emails and you can practically "force" people to open it including those who rarely read your email copy. Page 39)

The major flaw in 99% of product launch emails that stops you from maximizing your launch revenue. 

Okay. Let me elaborate on this…

After being part of dozens of launches , there’s one major flaw that I keep noticing over and over again. And I know (based on painful experience) that it’s costing business owners a lot of money by not fixing this “glitch” in their launch.

Funny enough, it’s quite easy to solve, too!

And I reveal the “solution” in 3 short sentences you can read on Page 93.

That and a quick "insider secret" on when most of the sales will happen during your launch so you can…

Design A Much Better Launch Strategy
Bringing You More Sales Than You Can Handle!

I’m excited to share it with you. Along with these other “email secrets” inside my Email Copywriting Codex:

The #1 dumbest mistake that hopeless romantic guys do BUT could easily be the #1 most profitable strategy for email copywriters. (Top email marketing experts swear by this strategy which is all the more reason to do it in your business, too. Pages 103-104)

Hands down the best “tool” to use if you want to eliminate writer’s block, write emails faster, and take the sting out of the email writing process. (If you hire me as your email coach, I will give you this as your first homework to get you better at writing emails in record time. Pages 58-60)

The single biggest reason why swiping emails DOESN’T really work. (Including my terrible example of swiping emails that made my client terminate our project. Page 75)

The “funny” reason why my client was so happy that I made his Open Rates drop. (Understand this life-changing truth and you’ll find yourself less stressed, more relaxed, while also making more money from emails. Page 31)

The single most important thing that you MUST consciously put in each email you send out. (WARNING: Not adding this "must-have" email element will instantly reduce the power of your email copy by 90%! Page 28)

Five "magic potion" emails that can revive your “dead” email subscribers. (Follow what I teach on Page 112 onwards and you can even turn those inactive subscribers into instant buyers.)

What many business owners do in their email marketing that triggers people to report them as "spammers." (And the “unorthodox” approach to virtually reduce your spam complaints to zero. Page 26)

The dirty little secret used by top email experts to "explode" their sales using emails. (This psychological "element" of winning emails controls whether your subscribers will keep reading your emails or keep ignoring you forever. Page 18)

How to use the “John Wick Principle” to stop people from ignoring and deleting your emails. (HINT: If you think it's about writing “killer” Subject Lines, you're wrong. Find out the correct answer in Page 36.)

Secrets to “ethically siphon” content from a billion dollar industry that will put your emails on steroids! (Writing emails this way can help you "secretly" enter your prospects' world making it so much easier to make them buy. Page 52)

• And a whole lot more, including…

What specific email campaign to use if you’re desperately in need of a huge infusion of cash ASAP (Pages 84-85)... What people like Stephen Curry, Lebron James, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and Taylor Swift have in common that your emails should have, too (Page 29-30)... The “Email Death Star” strategy to build your ultimate email weapon that will generate tons of sales for your business using emails (Pages 119-122)... An "odd" question that will help you position your product as the “no-brainer” solution your customers need in solving their problems (Page 85)... And how to generate 4 to 5-figures revenue in the next 5 days by writing a Speed Cash Campaign (Pages 125-142).


If you buy today, I'm also giving you these three special bonuses to help you further make a “killing” writing emails that sell?

Bonus #1: "Weird" Emails That Sell Mini-Course

The perfect companion to Email Copywriting Codex, this short video course will give you 7 more “weird” email themes that you can play around with to write highly entertaining and widely profitable emails.

I’m selling it separately for $47. But get it for FREE when you buy your copy of Email Copywriting Codex today! 

Bonus #2: $10,000 Email Copy Psycho-Analysis

A detailed “microscope” breakdown of an email copy I wrote that generated $9,985 for one of my clients. This is where you’ll see the “codex formula” in action as I explain the psychology behind each line, the tactics I used to write the copy, and the “behind-the-scenes” of writing a winning email from beginning to end.

Bonus #3: Five (5) “Plug n’ Play” Email Templates

The least I charge when working with a client is $100+ above per email. In other words, if you want to work with me and you hire me to write 5 emails for you, then you need to shell out $500 minimum to get started. But with these “plug n’ play” email swipes that I wrote for you, you can try some of the emails I have in my “toolbox” and use it to generate more sales for your business!

Alright, here’s the deal:

Email Copywriting Codex is a book designed to teach you “everything” you need to know when it comes to writing email copy that sells. It’s a short book that you can read in one or two sittings and will cost you $47 to buy.

Plus, as I mentioned earlier…

There Is No Money-Back Guarantee,
And All Sales Are Final.

You will either buy this book and get your money back in spades (by learning how to write emails that people love to open, read, and buy from). Or waste your money while letting this eBook rot in some random drive on your computer.

It’s your choice.

To get this book today, simply click the button below:

(NOTE: There are no refunds and all sales are final.)

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Digital Copy of Email Copywriting Codex
"Weird" Emails That Sell Mini-Course
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$10,000 Email Copy Psycho-Analysis
1 Video
5 "Plug n' Play" Email Templates

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